Looking to Purchase, But a few Questions

I am very impressed with reviews of Helm but in reading some of the post here I have some questions before making the Reserve Order.

  1. If I reserve now will the server be V1 or V2?
  2. Any idea of a realistic ETA given the current state of things.


Hi Rew -

Thanks for your interest in Helm. Here are some quick answers to your questions:
1.) V2 - and the pricing for these units will be substantially lower than the V1
2.) We’re looking at a late summer launch for the V2 right now but we’re still working on dates and timelines

We are going to be sharing more details and updates here on the community forum, our blog and on our mailing list in the coming weeks.

Giri (co-founder/CEO)

OK, Thanks! Will be look forward to seeing the updates.

Another question,
If the V2’s price will be lower, does that mean it will be less powerful than the V1 thus making V1 more desirable?


Hi Rew -

The capabilities for the V2 will exceed the V1 capabilities. More cores, more memory… more to say later!


Thanks, I’ve placed my reserve order and am looking forward to the V2 release