Living a De-Googled Loca

I divorced my life from FB years ago. I now plan on divorcing my life from Google as well. A few weeks ago I placed a pre-order for the new Helm V2. I really want SSH control of this appliance, but I very much doubt they will provide that capability. I will unlock and flash my daily driver with Lineage / Android 11 minus GAPPS. Pinephone is on order too. Now the problem: The Helm is configured/managed from an iPhone or Android app only. Please tell us that you plan to stage the Helm app on the F-Droid and or the Aurora Store? Some of us are tired of Google and big tech spying on us. Freedom is great if you can achieve it.

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Giri: Could you answer my question in the post? Will you publish the Helm APP in the F-Droid or Aurora stores? I am not the only one who wants to leave Google spyware off my phone. Thanks

Might I suggest CalyxOS? Installation was a breeze on Linux. I imagine that Windows or Mac installations are similarly friendly :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t have to wait to get the app on F-droid. Use a APK extract and then install the extracted APK on your phone and check for the updates. They will eventually get that app to the F-froid because there is a demand for it.

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I have it installed on my phone.