Living a De-Googled Loca

I divorced my life from FB years ago. I now plan on divorcing my life from Google as well. A few weeks ago I placed a pre-order for the new Helm V2. I really want SSH control of this appliance, but I very much doubt they will provide that capability. I will unlock and flash my daily driver with Lineage / Android 11 minus GAPPS. Pinephone is on order too. Now the problem: The Helm is configured/managed from an iPhone or Android app only. Please tell us that you plan to stage the Helm app on the F-Droid and or the Aurora Store? Some of us are tired of Google and big tech spying on us. Freedom is great if you can achieve it.


Giri: Could you answer my question in the post? Will you publish the Helm APP in the F-Droid or Aurora stores? I am not the only one who wants to leave Google spyware off my phone. Thanks

Might I suggest CalyxOS? Installation was a breeze on Linux. I imagine that Windows or Mac installations are similarly friendly :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t have to wait to get the app on F-droid. Use a APK extract and then install the extracted APK on your phone and check for the updates. They will eventually get that app to the F-froid because there is a demand for it.

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I have it installed on my phone.

Available on FDroid, “Aurora Store” is an alternative client for the Google Play Store that doesn’t rely on any Google account or services. (It works on a de-Googled Android device.)

Without logging in, you can download any free apps, including those from Helm.

I am really considering an eOS Phone. I love my iPhone and its integration with my Mac. But as I move email/calendaring/Contacts and ToDos of Big tech, I do want to only use my Apple Account for AppleTV stuff because I have purchases there. An Android 9De-Googled) phone would be perfect to keep that part of my IT life out of a single provider and it can still synch photos with my Mac.

I also have a WD NAS that I use as my cloud and file server. So I don’t use any cloud storage.