iPhone and iPad Storage and iCloud

Ordered my v2 this morning. Once I have migrated my iCloud data over to the helm server, is there any need to have an iPhone or iPad with large storage capability?

The experience of your data on iCloud vs the Helm isn’t quite the same. If your intent is to constantly move your photos to Nexcloud so they are backed up and not taking up space on your phone, the. Sure, you will not need as much storage on your phone. That experience is kind of a pain to manage and when you want to go looking for a photo it’s also less simple. For email there would be no difference between your experience though.

I love my helm but I wouldn’t try to use it as an iCloud replacement. You would lose out on a lot of the cool stuff the phone does with photos and memories and such.

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Photos and Memories are in the Photos app which you can continue to use while opting out of uploading data to iCloud.

The Nextcloud app can be configured to automatically back up your camera roll to your Helm.