Internal battery backup?

My V2 went offline this morning at 12:35 and sometime around 3 or 4 am I unplugged it with the intention of powering it back on to get it online. The status light was a solid bright white. After about 5 minutes of no power the light was still solid bright white but I wanted to get back to bed so I reconnected the power. It did not go back online.
Later in the morning I unplugged it again and let it sit while I did other things. 3 hours later the status light went to amber from bright white and after another 90 minutes (4:30 total) the light went out completely. I don’t recall seeing anywhere in the specs that an internal battery backup exists. Can someone clear this up for me?

That’s odd. I had a similar issue this past weekend and when I unplugged it, the LED turned off almost immediately. I reconnected the power cable after 15 seconds, and the unit powered up and fixed the problem I was having.

I read in the FAQ that the unit has an internal battery so that if there is a power failure, the unit will shut down safely and turn itself back on once power is restored.

I assume all those FAQs were written with the V1 in mind, but most likely also apply to the V2.

My Helm v2 also went offline sometime overnight, I unplugged it and the LED went off almost immediately. Plugged back in after 10-15 seconds, now back online.

Is there a pattern of going offline here? This will not work well when you don’t have physical access to the Helm, like when you are out of town.

Great… another Ubiquiti Cloud Key Fiasco where a device has a built-in UPS that’s not serviceable.

Let’s hope that TheHelm has engineered this a little better.