Incoming Email Undeliverable

Hey Helm community,

My credit card company is sending me a notice that their messages to my helm email address are bouncing back as “undeliverable”. The email address I have registered with them is correct.

Has this happened to others here? If so, how was it resolved.

Thank you.

I had one CC company doing that. Funnily enough, the emails they sent informing me of the problem were delivered to my Helm address just fine. Changed my email address back to my old address for a week, then switched back to the new one. This fixed the weekly email alerts I was getting, but I still get one of those alerts to my Helm address saying they can’t send to my Helm address every 6 months or so. I just ignore them at this point.

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Curious, is it Chase? I get this from Chase all the time, and changed to different email services, same issue.

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Yes it is! I’ll give it a try by changing the email address (and then switch back again to the helm). Hopefully that will resolve the matter.

Good luck, I tried my Gmail, Proton mail and a few other address, but I seem to get the same issue no matter what email service I use.