Import other email accounts

I’m having an issue with importing my other email account. AT&T keeps telling the app it “Failed Authorization” . I’ve checked the password and it’s good. Of course AT&T requires a secure password authorization, of which, theres no way to turn it on in the app. I believe this is where it fails. If I’m wrong , can someone tell me the work around so I can get this done and send AT&T packing?


I can’t comment about AT&T - but personally I’ve used (and used before Helm) the following online tool:

Are you able to add your old email account to Outlook (or any other major email client) on your desktop? If so, add it and your Helm account in the same client, and move (or copy) the emails in each folder to the same location in your Helm account. (Inbox, Sent, etc.)

Until Helm and it’s import tool, this is how I’ve always transferred email from one account to another.

Yahoo mail has the same authentication problem.

In looking deeper I found on the yahoo mail site they will issue a ‘key’ that can be used ‘by third party Apps that only work with passwords’. Using this lets import work

You could see if AT&T has the same functionality in their IMAP server