I moved to my domain to cloudflare, now my second domain works but keeps showing error message

I moved my own domains to cloudflare, two of them to be exact, one is fine, but the other keeps having helm kick up an error of “Your email domain blahblah.com hasn’t been successfully configured” It then, a while later, will say it is all setup. Then a while later it throws up the error again. I have no problem sending or receiving emails no matter which side of it’s split personality it is on. Any ideas? All hostname records are set up correctly. Jus don’t know why it can’t decide whether it wants to be happy or not.

I’ve had that happen with a DNS provider other than Cloudflare too. I narrowed it down to the Helm service seeing the MX record correctly but something else was not in the correct spot, generally it’s the SPF records.

I’ve seen this with SPF as well. Specifically, if you create a SPF type record, it won’t be happy, but if you create a TXT record with the SPF contents it works.

Thank you. After too many hours of playing around it appears happy now. However I now recieve _dmarc emails from gmail for some strange reason. I tried to change the rua to =none and =0 but neither worked (both complained in the helm app about not resolving).
The report did complain about my spf failing, but I don’t see anything not working at this time so I will trouble shoot that another day. My spf is in a MX record.