How long does it take support to respond?

How long does it take support to answer? I submitted #42676 19 days ago and still haven’t received a response.

My question to them is this. Is there any way to add a Spam Assassin rule or block messages with certain words in them? Somehow some group associated with the GOP got my grandma’s name and my email address. They are sending me over 100 emails a day now begging for money. They all have unsubscribe links, and they all have the same domain name. They set up different lists for each candidate so clicking the unsubscribe link is pointless because they add you to more of them the next day. I currently have a couple of Outlook rules that move them to the spam folder, but that only works when I have Outlook open. I don’t want to do that 24/7. I have over 3000 of them in the SPAM folder.

If it’s been 19 days with no reply, I expect that they didn’t have a clear answer available to send you, and perhaps it has been overlooked.

Good question @lvthunder. I suspect that @Paul is correct. I have never had a ticket take more than a few days to get response on, and that is worst case. Wish they had some instructions posted for this on their support site.

They actually responded yesterday.

This is their answer.

You can use something called sieve to do what you’re asking. We don’t officially support sieve but it is something that people on the community site have been able to use with success:

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