Hosting Joplin or nextcloud notes on Helm

Hi all,

I am trying to create a bit of structure in life;) by starting to use a notetaking app. Of course, I would like to store it locally on my own devices and so I came to Joplin or nextcloud notes in the hope to sync it on the helm.

Until now I’m not successful and not sure at all if this would be possible at all.

I would appreciate your thoughts and knowledge about this!


I use Obsidian and sync across my devices with Nextcloud and it indeed works, if a little cumbersome on Android.

Thank you for the reply. In that case, it is something I do wrong…I will study it again;)

I try to self-host as much of my data as possible, but I can’t get rid of OneNote. It’s simply the best note taking app out there (and I’ve looks exhaustively). It’s cloud-based, but you can sync and backup locally.

Hi there,

Thanks for the remarks.

I managed to get it working…kinda works if you use the correct password… :grimacing: