Helm's NextCloud version hits End of Life

I noticed today that my NextCloud desktop client is reporting that Helm’s version of NextCloud ( is unsupported.

I found this news release on NextCloud’s site indicating that is the End of Life release as of January 14, 2021.

Are there any details about when we can expect an upgrade to NextCloud 19, 20, or 21 so that we continue to receive security updates?

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Yes, I noticed that when I updated to latest Nextcloud Desktop it said unsupported, so I deleted it and reinstalled an earlier version of Nextcloud.

An update to Nextcloud 20 is being worked on and we will notify all customers when we push it out. There have been several compatibility issues with Nextcloud 21 that we would like to see resolved before making it available to customers.

Any updates on this?

Hi - we’re still working on the update and will notify customers when we begin pushing it out.