Helm's NextCloud version hits End of Life

I noticed today that my NextCloud desktop client is reporting that Helm’s version of NextCloud ( is unsupported.

I found this news release on NextCloud’s site indicating that is the End of Life release as of January 14, 2021.

Are there any details about when we can expect an upgrade to NextCloud 19, 20, or 21 so that we continue to receive security updates?

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Yes, I noticed that when I updated to latest Nextcloud Desktop it said unsupported, so I deleted it and reinstalled an earlier version of Nextcloud.

An update to Nextcloud 20 is being worked on and we will notify all customers when we push it out. There have been several compatibility issues with Nextcloud 21 that we would like to see resolved before making it available to customers.

Any updates on this?

Hi - we’re still working on the update and will notify customers when we begin pushing it out.


Hi -

Development has completed for the upgrade to Nextcloud 20. We are beginning internal testing tomorrow.



any updates on this?


Testing and bug fixing are still ongoing. We will post here as soon as we start pushing updates out.

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Any closer to releasing?

I’m interested in the upgrade as well. My NextCloud Mac client is telling me that my server version is no longer supported.

We have completed testing and dev for the update to 20.0.10. If you are interested in being among the first to get the update and helping out with a quick test of the upgrade before we begin rollouts to customers, please send a private message to this account or contact support and provide:

  • your domain name
  • whether you are currently using Nextcloud
  • confirm that you have a separate backup of all your Nextcloud data as well (a simple copy of the Nextcloud sync folder on a desktop/laptop fully synced with your Helm will suffice)



Thanks for the update, it is much appreciated! Hopefully a sign of a many updates to come.

The update to Nextcloud 20.0.10 was pushed out to all customers late last week.

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Is there a way we can check our app to make sure we have the correct version ?

You can visit this site to do a security scan which will confirm the Nextcloud version you are running: https://scan.nextcloud.com

Please be sure to enter your URL including the port.

I ran the scan and it shows still running NextCloud 18. How do I get my Helm to download the latest update?

If you’ve run the scan in the past, it will show the cached result from before. You can re-run the scan by clicking the “trigger re-scan” button. If it is still showing Nextcloud 18 after that, please contact support.

This seems promising. Are we just on the next slow ride to getting in right before complete EOL on this version?

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We are currently working on an upgrade to Nextcloud 24 and will post an update here when it is available.


Seems bloatware added into the helm platform isn’t working out too well. Why add features if you can’t even keep up with the release cycle of the upstream provider you’re offering to your paid customers?

Makes you wonder how badly out of date our OS’s are that are running the helm’s, and could that be why there is always compatibility issues mentioned in threads like these. Security feels like an after thought for helm.

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