Helm will not reconnect to network automatically after router reboot

I love my new Helm but have experienced what I would consider a critical issue. I discovered that after rebooting my router, the Helm doesn’t reconnect until I manually pull and reconnect the plug from the back of the Helm. I am concerned that if I am remote that I could lose connectivity altogether without the ability to reconnect unless I am present with the device. I have contacted support who have been responsive, but to date, have not offered a solution. I would be curious to hear of similar experiences. Also, I am currently using an ASUS RT-AX86U.

I’ve had similar issues and I believe this is simply a bug. It appears to happen when the Helm is required to re-do it’s DHCP negotiation; simply unplugging and re-plugging the Ethernet cable does not seem to make it unhappy.

Last night, my ISP was doing maintenance and I had no Internet connectivity through my modem, but the router was still up and running. Today, even though I am sending and receiving mail just fine, the Helm is showing as offline and the light is yellow flashing.

Seems like there’s a bit of work to do in the network fail code.

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Thanks for your response. With mine, the light is white after a router reboot but I cannot send or receive email until I pull/reinsert the plug from the back of the Helm device. The fact that support hasn’t resolved yet this is distressing.

I just wanted to share that this might be equipment related. I had four different outages at my home recently and in each instance my Helm came back automatically without having to do anything.

My four scenarios were:

  1. Frontier updating towers with 4 hour ISP outage
  2. Loss of power and reboot of fiber optic ONT - temporary WAN outage
  3. Firmware update to router with several reboots
  4. Changeout of two racks UPS with 1-2 hour power outage that included full network stack (in this case the Helm automatically restarted)

Here is my relevant equipment:
ISP: Frontier FIOS
Router - MikroTik RB4011, running long term 6.48.4
Helm Firmware 2.470

Thanks for your reply. About an hour ago I picked up a Wyze smart plug so that I can remotely power on/off the Helm if I need to reboot my router. Not exactly a fix, but it is a workaround that I can live with.