Helm V2 Product Info - Industrial Design, Pricing

Hi everyone,

Our team at Helm is really excited to share details of our new V2 with all of you! We’ve been hard at work to get to this milestone and we’re thrilled about how this is coming together for a significantly reduced price as compared to our V1.

We’ve updated our website to reflect the new industrial design for Helm V2:

Here are some V2 hardware specs:

  • Hexacore ARM SoC with dual Cortex-A73 @ 1.8GHz and quad Cortex-A53 cores @ 1.4GHz
  • 4GB RAM (double the V1)
  • 256 GB NVMe SSD (double the V1)
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 802.11 ab/c/g/n/ac 2x2 WiFi
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • More compact form factor (5"x5"x1.3")
  • Passively cooled
  • Will be available in 512GB and 1TB capacities as well


  • 256GB - $199 (60% less than V1)
  • 512GB - $249
  • 1 TB - $349
  • Annual subscription - $99/yr includes 128GB of offsite encrypted backups, annual domain registration and DNS, security gateway
  • Additional offsite encrypted storage will be available in larger plans (512GB - $149/yr and 2TB - $299/yr)

Customers who have already placed deposits will be first in line to receive new units. As we near shipping dates, we will be following up so customers can specify which storage capacity is desired and to take payment for the remaining balance.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the V2 product specs in this topic.

Helm co-founder/CEO


This looks great. Will there be an easy upgrade path for current users? Just restoring from an Amazon backup? Any pricing incentives for current users? Expected shipping dates? Thanks!!!

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Great questions! We are working on the upgrade path for current users and are aiming for what you describe - restoring from the existing backup process with your USB key to decrypt the backup onto the v2.

As we have more information for current customers and shipping dates, we’ll post them here.

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Very excited! Looking forward to the options for current customers.

Have you put any thought into making them rack-mountable? It probably doesn’t make sense as I’d only have one but I’m constantly striving to make my network equipment look beautiful. Thanks!

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Great to see progress on this. I put a reservation in for this and am hoping for some kind of incentive for people who have been dedicated users.


I have a couple of rack mount shelves that I put things like this on.
IMHO this looks better than hang things on the wall or setting them on the floor

How do I go about reserving the 1TB unit versus the 256GB model?

Hi -

Every customer who has made a deposit will have an opportunity to specify the size of storage they would like at the time they complete their purchase. We are making our best estimates on the distribution of purchases across the volume sizes initially. It is possible we may have some shortages at different capacities at the beginning. We plan to send out a survey to get a better sense as we build more units to ensure we’re getting the distribution right to meet everyone’s needs.

Helm co-founder/CEO

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The new design looks really great Giri and I love the form factor / specs / price point. Definitely going to upgrade!


It would be good if it would say that when we go to reserve one.
Wasn’t clear what one was being reserved when I tried to do so.
Thanks for the clarification here.

Will the V2 upgrade path include a trade-in of the V1 Helm? I’m not so much seeking money back on my V1 purchase (though I’d happily accept such!), as trying to avoid sending my V1 to landfill. My V1 is working very well and it seems a shame to just discard a device this good if someone else could use it.

Hi @JRG, really happy to hear about your V1 experience and excited to get you a V2. We have recycled Helms in the past on a smaller scale. We’ll evaluate doing this on a larger scale and provide any relevant details if we decide to do this.

Well, aside from saving some landfill space, recycled V1 Helms might be a way to enlarge the Helm community by offering inexpensive hardware, a sort of gateway drug? Thanks for considering this.


I put my pre-order in for a helm2 a while back, but just just joined the community here. Just wondering if there is a eta for shipping these? Also, I run a VPN (express) on all my devices, will there be any issues using the helm with a VPN.

Some VPN services will require whitelisting your Helm domain to be able to send email. They block traffic to all domains on email ports sometimes to prevent the abuse of VPN connections for spamming. In our experience, you just need to contact the service provider and request the whitelist and they take care of it.

If you have configured your router to use a VPN for all local network traffic, it will prevent Helm from connecting to its security gateway as VPN connections generally don’t work over VPN connections. This is pretty rare but I wanted to mention it.

Regarding the ETA for shipping, please check out this topic: Helm V2 Product Development Updates - #53 by giri. We will keep this updated as we make progress.

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Yes - we will be interested in reclaiming V1 Helms for anyone interested in getting one back to us. We’ll post here when we’re ready to take those back after V2 shipments start going out.

Excellent! Thanks for this; would not want my V1 to end up as unused gear, nor as landfill.