Helm V1 Feature Updates Status

While the V2 looks great, and I’m glad to hear about the updates, I’m still wondering when we’ll see some updates for V1? Would love to get that long awaited storage expansion!


We’re working on it and will share some updates as soon as we can!

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@KGMe it has been awhile. I hope all is well, all things considered.

From a business standpoint, I get it. It is all about new v2 business and converting existing v1 to v2 business. Whether Helm admits it to v1 only consumers, or not. v2 consumers are the priority. It is the new shiny toy.

Some v1 consumers paid 2x more then the now better and lower priced, lowest tier, v2. Helm would not be where it is today without us, yet we are still waiting a year later for updates.

I will check back later.


Helm V1 and Helm V2 will largely be running the same platform and Helm services. There are some underlying firmware components that are different because they are running on different hardware platforms, but we expect the same Helm services to run on both versions of the hardware and the same mobile apps will work with each version as well. We should have made this clearer and I apologize if there was any confusion about this.

Regarding expanded storage, we developed expanded storage to beta status internally. As we made progress on V2, however, we realized that we need to account for some scenarios that would affect how expanded storage, backups and more would work on the V1. As a result, we have had to revisit how we want expanded storage to work on V1 Helms and update the corresponding implementation. The good news is that the experience will be considerably better than what was originally designed and will work in a way that will make any potential transition from the V1 to the V2 more seamless. We haven’t provided enough transparency around these changes and for this I apologize. We are working to share more updates and be more transparent overall and I hope you can see some of these changes showing elsewhere.

To help get updates out sooner, we are going to split the V1 update we’ve been working on into 2 parts. The first part will enable VPN services on the Helm and address some lingering bugs regarding backups. It will also have the ability to remotely reboot a Helm via the mobile app. We are tentatively expecting to roll this update out around the time that we begin shipping V2 Helms. We will follow with the expanded storage update afterward.


@giri thanks for laying out specifics for the v1 and v2. It goes a long away.

Happy New Year!

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Now that V2 is starting to ship this week, thought I’d check in to see what status might be for V1 updates?