Helm Sync Setup

Need to add Helm Sync to a new phone. Downloaded and installed from Helm app. Don’t remember what I did on the old phone. The only instructions I can find are:

Once installed, all necessary configuration information for your account is passed to Helm Sync for the configuration of your new calendar and contacts services.

Don’t see any account information passed. Looks like I can add and account. I will try Login with email address. Is there any Helm Sync setup instructions anywhere?

Need to use Login with URL and user name. At least that gets to the CardDAV/CalDAV configuration screen.
Still need to find how to sync these with contacts and calendar.

I have not been able to get CardDAV account to show in the Android Contacts app.
This is a Google Pixel phone. I have installed Helm Sync and set it up. It shows my email account and has CardDAV and CalDAV checked.
The Calendar and Tasks apps have the CalDAV account and are synchronized.

So what I have is Calendar and Tasks that are synchronized. Contacts app shows only the Google account which has no contacts.

I have tried everything I can think of. Uninstall/Reinstall Helm Sync (2.0.6-ose)
Clear Cache, remove app data
Restart phone

From the Contacts app, Manange accounts on this device, shows the DAVdroid Address, yet it is not available in the contacts app.

After way too much time trying to make contacts work on my Android Pixel 5a, here is what worked.
Uninstall Helm Sync and install DAVx⁵.