Helm Sync for Android missing in store?

I am replacing a tablet and cannot seem to find Helm Sync in the google play store any longer. Is this just me or has the app been dropped?

If dropped, what is the alternative?

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Looks like it’s gone for me too.

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Google has removed the Helm Sync app due to them not being able to test the application because it requires a username and password. We’re working on resolving this issue. In the meantime you can use DAVx5 as a replacement. The only downside is that the sync accounts will not be automatically created through the Helm app like they are with the integration with Helm Sync.


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Using the open source app seems to work fine.

Today it is back in the Google Play store

I’m super-thankful for Dav5x. On de-googled android phones, its the only option for CalDAV and CardDAV that I’ve found.