Helm setup with Cloudflare DNS Management

Hello. I just received my Helm in the post and am going through the process of setting it up. My Domain registrar is GoDaddy but my DNS is managed by CloudFlare; I utilise a tunnel for accessing my services externally.

Obviously I can not change my nameservers from CloudFlare as I would loose all of the Cloudflare functionality. Is there a way to edit particularly DNS records in order for the Helm appliance to fucntion?

Im following up on setting up with setting up Helm with a domain whose DNS is managed through Cloudflare. I have received advice from support to first setup Helm using a different domain, then setting up the Cloudflare managed DNS as a secondary domain as it isnt necessary to change the nameservers on secondary domains.

At the moment something is wrong with the Helm app. I originally put in my primary domain, the one protected by Cloudflare, but didnt finish the process as I was waiting to hear from support. However, now that I have, the app wont let me change the domain during setup. Its advising that I need to complete the original setup, which offcoure I cannot do as it will brick Cloudflare.

I have tried factory resetting the appliance and deleting the app, I am on Android, but it still keeps wanting to finish the original setup. How do I do over the setup? I have contacted support but have not heard anything. Can a reset only occur at their end?


Yes, I decided to change the my primary domain halfway though setup because I wasn’t aware of the Name server requirements. I contacted support and they reset it on their end. It immediately let me finish setup with the new domain.

I would like to use my helm domain with cloudflare to host a website through my raspberry pi. Anyone have any experience with this?