Helm Service without Helm Company?

Hi @helm_community

Since the Helm unit requires a subscription to function, I was curious to know if the hardware would continue to maintain full functionality in the event Helm, as a company, no longer existed.

If not, what features/ functions would still work if the company no longer existed?



I don’t know about you, but to me the Helm hardware has little value. It’s a great piece of hardware, but I have 5 other devices that would have no technical problem running an email server. (pi, NAS, router, etc.). The subscription is the product. The hardware is just a means to use the product. If there was a way to run the Helm hardware as a Docker container, I would do that in a heartbeat instead.

So it would be great if the hardware continued to function in some way, but I’d really like to see the server aspects (AWS controls, encrypted tunnel, IP conditioning, etc.) open-sourced in the event that Helm goes out of business.

Edit: Just want to add that the Helm hardware does add local/physical security that my pi/NAS/etc. are unlikely to ever have. Physical security for my e-mail isn’t really at the top of my list. If the Helm hardware was completely open and we could add arbitrary services to it and maintain the hardware security then it would be incredibly valuable.