Helm on Starlink

Hi, I was running a V1 helm on Starlink and very happy with the service and speed of backups. On 3Dec after a change in ground stations, helm would not synch any emails.

Has anyone else had this experience? Any fixes to recommend?

Any way to change the ground station back to determine if it’s specific to that ground station?

Silly question, but have you rebooted the dish, router, Helm, and anything else in the network that may be a factor?

I haven’t done every possible troubleshooting configuration yet.

Ground stations are selected by Starlink to reduce latentcy and may be half way around the world. User has no control of this to my knowledge.

Rebooting the dishface seems to cause the issue. This has usually happened early AM controlled by the Starlink. Fixing it so far consists of removing my Peplink router from the dish and connecting the Starlink router for an hour or so before removing and replacing with peplink. This provides days to weeks of good service.

The answer is in the reboot process but I haven’t got a handle on it yet.

I have been on Starlink since the beta started. The only time I’ve had any issues with Helm connectivity is when the Starlink update borks and requires another reboot. I run an opnsense router with all ubiquity gear. Have you reported it to Starlink support? I had a strange issue with some other software and they worked through it and got it so no longer had issues.

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Yes, reported and received fast support assistance. I think the problem was in the dish reboot. It has been running good for three weeks. Thanks for your reply.