Helm loosing network connection a couple of times a month

After using the V2 helm for 2 months I have noticed it keep losing network connectivity a couple of times a month. The led blinks with a white/yellow tint but I notice the switch and the RJ45 LEDs on the unit shows link and occasional data traffic. The only way to resolve the problem is to restart the unit.

This is using cabled networking. Anyone else seeing this? This would not be a problem if a regular reboot could be scheduled.

As a feature upgrade, I suggest adding support for a regular reboot at a time configurable in the app for a daily reboot.

This is pretty unusual - can you please contact support the next time this occurs? We will want to review logs. There were a couple of major AWS outages this month that impacted connectivity for a lot of customers, but Helm servers automatically re-connect when possible. It appears that a few customers are having issues with reconnecting and we are investigating whether this is specific to certain equipment or some other issue that could be causing this behavior.

The last reboot was yesterday. It was due to blinking led and the box being unreachable. I just sent diagnostics and device logs.

I have the same issue, it happens every 12 to 15 days-ish, the last two time was the 3 and the 15 of this month. I am expecting it any day now…

On the same topic -

Anyone know what happens when i want to use the helm in a different location?

when I unplug and then plug it back in, will i need to initialize again?

Or will the settings stay…?

thanks for any help.


Not constant but the same thing happened to me once. Might have been after the router that handles my local network was rebooted.

I am having the same thing. My LED will blink and get stuck. Not sure if it is getting stuck on an update but it has happened 1-2 times a month since installing. If I reboot it fixes it.

I am having the same issue. Every few weeks I have to restart the Helm because it is “off line.” I plugged the Helm into a smart plug so I could restart it from anywhere.

My helm went offline this morning. Just contacted support and am not rebooting it in case there’s anything that can be learned from this stall condition.

@CU_Tiger, I’m also doing the smart plug reset in case this happens while I’m away traveling. Any thoughts of a way to get notified when it goes offline?

The Helm app has only notified me one time that it was offline. I wish the app would check more often on the status of the device. I do not have a proactive way of knowing Helm is offline.

I usually notice that I have not received emails in a few hours and open the iPhone email app for it to tell me it cannot connect to Helm. Then I open the app and the status is offline.

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Same boat here. I only get tipped off when it’s been an unusually quiet email day and I check the app.

The helm stays online and accessible so I can’t setup any rules locally.

Android user here, so not sure if there is an equivalent on iOS, but I find disabling power optimization for the Helm app will allow it to run in the background without being stopped by the OS. I had to do this for backup failure alerts, I assume the same would apply to offline status alerts.

I have a Helm V2 and it happens every 23-24 hours - my Helm goes offline. Not sure what is causing it - been working with Support but no solution to date.

Mine just did it tonight again, it’s been about 3 times in total now. My connection seems good. I checked AWS but there are just a plethora of severs and I’m not sure which one specifically to check - I thought AWS East, couldn’t find any of their servers offline. I tried pinging the device but it won’t respond to ICMP from LAN at all. A reset of the power had me back up and running.

Does your helm normally respond to pings on the local network? I could never reach my helm on the local network but once I placed it on a separate subnet I can reach it locally.

I am running a pfsense and my plan has a ipaddress of 10.1.1.X. If I placed the helm on the plan it would get the IP I then set up a split DNS record making helm.my.domain pointing to I was not able to connect to or ping this IP from my plan.

If I created a new subnet on a different vlan and placed the helm on it it would get the IP and this IP is reachable from my network…

Awoke this morning to note expected status messages from an in house server to a Helm email address were not received. Status light flashing yellow. Helm app report my Helm V2 not reachable. Pressed power power button. The device turned off immediately. Unplugged power supply and waited 30 seconds. Then plugged back in. Helm came back online immediately. All devices on my network are on uninterruptible power supplies. Servers will report going on UPS power. No outage reported. Logs have been sent to support. My V2 device went into service on December 19, 2021.

Mine just went down again for no known reason, yellow/white blinking light. Its been 30 days since the last time so a little longer than outages prior. I unplugged, waited 5 minutes and plugged it back in. connected immediately. Do we have any idea what is causing this? V2 512gb model.

To @helm_community,
Since I do not seem to be the only one seeing this behaviour I suggest a workaround until the problem is resolved. Please add an option that allows for the helm to perform an automatic reboot if it detects a network connectivity problem. The last time this happened for me it did not self-correct for the 4 hours it took me to notice the blinking light. So a workaround like this would help a lot in keeping our mailserver on the net.

We are aware of this issue affecting a small number of Helm customers and we are investigating how to address it. So far we have identified a symptom that is causing this issue and we’re looking into what is the root cause. We will post an update here when we have a solution.

Thank-you @ivarh. I can ping the device locally now that I placed it on another subnet on a VLAN. Did you notice that the pings could predict device connectivity? I am just graphing the pings for now to see if this corresponds to anything. I appreciate that some symptoms have been identified and are being looked into but I still like the ability to verify locally and not just in the app so that I can address with a reboot or something. I am offsite a good deal and need the device just to be up and running.