Helm Known Issues

Gmail Importing Not Currently Available (1/19/2020)

Our app for importing email is under review by Google. They have begun reviewing all apps that require access to Google account data which our import app does to import emails to Helm email accounts. Our app has been under review for a while now with considerable back and forth with Google and we are hoping to have this resolved soon.

Workaround: Set up the Gmail account to import from on a desktop client like macOS Mail alongside your Helm account. The desktop client will download all of your email from Gmail and then you can copy it over to your Helm account in the client. This will cause all of the emails to upload to your Helm server like an import would.

Aliases Do Not Work With Catchall Enabled (1/20/2020)
If the Catchall setting is enabled, aliases will not work as expected. If you require aliases, please disable Catchall until we have pushed a fix out.