Helm down - support response time


My new Helm appears to be down today. I have internet access, and it has a solid white light. I’ve rebooted it twice and it comes back the same way. I’ve emailed support about 2 1/2 hours ago, but haven’t heard back yet.

What sort of response time should I expect?

When this was happening to me, I was able to pull the power for 30 minutes and then plug in and turn on.

When I contacted support about this happening, they updated my firmware (after a day or so) and so far, it has been about 2 weeks without it returning to the issue. They did ask for feedback on if it was still happening but since it took about a month to recur, I didn’t have any yet.

Unplugged it for a good while, probably a half hour, plugged it back in and it’s working again.

Nothing from support yet. Pretty disappointing. I want control of my email, am paying for a service, and not getting help in a timely manner when something breaks down. I guess that’s the price I pay for privacy.

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While I hate to give them an excuse, it is a holiday weekend and the annual amount is not enough to offer 24/7 support, so it may be Tuesday before you hear from them.
At least you are back up and running for now. I have worked on email support for almost 30 years, first goal is return service as quickly as possible. Then collect logs and troubleshoot root cause, with luck you can find the issue and perform a fix. I say luck, but in all honesty root cause can be found about 99% of the time.
While I do like these units for convenience and ease of use, I would not rely on them for mission critical email service. If you do want that type of service, you should at least consider a monitoring service so that you know when you are down. That would allow you to more quickly restart the unit. I would prefer that they build in the option to restart the unit on a scheduled basis, but that option is not yet available that I have seen.

CDQWI, can you describe what such a monitoring service does and suggest a few we can investigate?

What kind of monitoring service would you suggest?

Something simple to monitor round trip for imap mailboxes would work. A quick search of “imap monitoring service” finds


I personally have not tested these solutions, but they both look straight forward enough.

For my professional jobs I have written some of my own processes using combinations of PowerShell and python on stand-alone servers and/or New Relic.

I initially got the Helm to replace other private email domains I have, but the capabilities are not high enough for my personal use. I will keep it around for a while, but it is simple issues like this that make the platform a bit too simple for my needs.
That said, I also believe that keeping it simple and minimizing the features does allow them to keep the costs low and the security pretty good.

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