Helm as an App Platform

Have the people at Helm given any thought to using the device as a platform for delivering applications? It could be as simple as making a web server available (understanding that this might not really be that simple). I’m interested primarily in solving the problem of collaborating with the users that have access to my Helm.

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I didn’t want to comment on this until we delivered on some prior commitments but I have re-evaluated because I believe current and prospective customers should know where are headed.

Our top priorities right now are getting V1 updates completed, finishing up firmware for V2 manufacturing, fulfilling V2 orders and getting customers successfully up and running on their new servers. This is going to keep us very busy through Q1.

Once we get things rolling with V2, our focus will be on enabling more services to run on Helm servers. We really want to enable our community to design and run their own services on Helm servers. We want community members to be able to share and utilize services designed by other community members. We saw so much feedback from V1 customers asking about additional services that they wanted on their Helm that we were inspired to make this a reality. This feedback dovetailed nicely into our long term vision of having an App Store of sorts where customers could easily pick and choose what services they want to run on their Helm servers to take back control of more of their data and online activities.

We have some initial thoughts and designs and we will be asking for feedback and comments as we get closer to making this a reality.