Helm and Frontier FIOS - I am offline

My Helm went offline a week ago. Mail bounces back to the sender when sent to my Helm email address. All other non-Helm related email accounts work. My iPhone Helm app indicates that I am offline.

I have done all of the suggested troubleshooting for the device. The status indicator light shines bright white, indicating all is fine with the unit. Helm support has been helping me, and suggested that I contact Frontier, and confirm ports 500 and 4500 are open. I called Frontier, and they confirmed that the ports are open.

I even took my Helm to a friend’s house and plugged it into their cable modem. My Helm is still offline. My friend is on Frontier FIOS also so that an upstream issue may exist with Frontier. I will test it on another friend’s network that is on another ISP.

Is anyone else experiencing this offline issue? If you did, did you correct it? How if you did?

Having my Helm offline is a frustrating experience for me. I am not an internet expert, and Helm support doesn’t seem to have any ownership in resolving my issue.

My one year is up at the end of August. If I can’t get my Helm online, I will not renew my service. Life is too short for this.


I resolved my offline status issue and am now back online. The problem was not with my ISP (Frontier FIOS), but my Helm device. Somehow the Helm device became corrupted. I reset my Helm device to the factory settings, reinstalled the app on my iPhone, and started fresh. I lost all of my prior e-mails, but I have a back-up of the e-mail.

Tip of the hat to Helm support. Phil was helpful and gave constructive advice and worked through the possibilities of why my Helm was offline. Ultimately the solution was a reinstall.

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Thanks for posting this issue and resolution to the forum. Very helpful.