HELM Admin Alerts as emails?

One of my HELM devices has had a problem with doing successful backups - for almost 2 months now. I didn’t know this as I rarely look at the HELM app. Long history there but basically because I have 2 HELM machines and the app can only connect to 1. I have a set of old phones that are now used for nothing but HELM admin and I rarely use them.

So the suggestion - maybe 2.

  1. Have the HELM send email alerts to a user defined email address when something goes wrong.

  2. Have an option to also send ‘heartbeat’ emails just to let you know all is well. I fake this right now by having an email generated via IFTTT.

These would let me know things are OK (or not) withut having to find the phone and launch the app.


This is a great idea! I rarely have time to read all the notifications coming in from apps

What IFTTT are you currently running for heartbeat status right now?

I just use the IFTTT email function - if I don’t get an email on a daily basis then I know something isn’t working.