Gmail Import Problem

I have been trying to copy my gmail to my Helm with no luck. I have tried using Thunderbird to copy my inbox but it keeps crashing. Anyone have any solutions for this since we cannot use the Helm provided option?

Unfortunately Google is preventing the export of email using their APIs. This applies to us and others as well but their policy is inconsistent. We have been going back and forth with them for over a year.

Instead you can import from Gmail using IMAP - you will need to enable IMAP access under Gmail settings and use the IMAP server information in the Helm email import section.

Another option is to use another client - customers have had good success using macOS Mail, Outlook and eM Client.

Unfortunately, the imap import is not working for me. I keep getting invalid account configuration. I have no options for setting SSL or ports through the helm app.

After you have confirmed IMAP is enabled per this support article from Google (Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help), check your Gmail account. You may need to separately authorize access as they will sometimes send a note indicating an unsecure client is attempting to access your account. If you’re still having issues after that, please contact support and we’ll help get this resolved for you.

If you have access to Windows (even just a VM), MailStore Home can help accomplish this:

I did my migration with imapsync. Was quite straightforward.

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imapsync is the underlying solution for Helm’s import as well

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