Getting ready - setting up NextCloud

Hi! I ordered my Hv2 last year and am excited by its arrival. Since it is getting delayed, I am wondering if there are any steps I can take to start prepping for the arrival. For example I would like to get my music collection set up and start organizing it … I am wondering if there are any configurations we can use / serve off a local computer to start getting prepped.

I have seen NextCloud referenced … can this be set up ahead of time? Are there any other suites of software/tech that are used with Helm that I can start learning about / getting ready? Thanks!

Can anyone in this community advise how to setup NextCloud for Helm? How can I start learning about the software / possibilities of Helm?

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You will want to ensure your network equipemnt supports NAT hairpinning (also known as NAT loopback) to configure Nextcloud to work properly. Very rarely, we see customers have a cable modem or router without support for this which will require replacement.

Also, you can take some time to familiarize yourself your router settings to create a DHCP reservation so your Helm always get the same IP on your local network along with port forwarding for Nextcloud to be remotely accessible.

Lastly as far as organizing your files, spending time figuring out the directory structure that works best for you is a good idea You can use selective sync to determine which files/folders get synced to particular devices.

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@helm_community, for those of us that are not that tech savvy, are there instructions on how to do all of the above on your website?


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We do have instructions available here: Setting up Files – Helm Support


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does Nextcloud come preinstalled on the device? If not how do we do that? @helm_community thanks!

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Yes, Nextcloud does come pre-installaed on the server.

OK now we’re getting somewhere. So how do we ‘start’ setting it up, understanding its capabilities … is there an instruction manual that comes with it that talks about getting started? We are all excitedly waiting and it would be nice to start learning / prepping.

You can check out this documentation from our company on getting set up: Files service – Helm Support

And here’s some getting started documentation from Nextcloud: Files & synchronization — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation