Getting Helm Email locally

Currently, my clients on my home network are going out to the AWS address, which gets tunneled back to my home network. I’ve been trying to get my local clients to go directly to my Helm, but it doesn’t seem to be working. My local network is a bit on the complex side (with Helm in it’s own DMZ), so before trying to do more testing, I was wondering if anyone else is doing this?

Ideally, if I’m on the same local network (or in my case, a DMZ off the firewall), I would expect the client to be more responsive when it needs to talk to the server, given the low latency vs. going to the AWS address and tunneling back.

Is this possible? Does the local Helm box listen on its local interface for the various mail related ports? Or must that come through the AWS tunnel?

You may be able to do this, depending.
The helm is listening on both 25 and 993. You could try modifying your local dns to hand out the local IP for the helm’s FQDN.

I’ve setup some things to connect locally to send mail, and also some things to mirror mail off the helm successfully. I haven’t tried doing a DNS override yet.

To do this, you will at a minimum need a firewall/router that supports split DNS. Split DNS is a feature you can override name resolution for certain names like helm.youromain to map to the helm’s internal IP address.

Then when you are at home and ask for the IP your router/firewalls resolver will return your helms internal IP instead of the real external IP all other resolvers will return.

There is/was a bug as well that prevented me from logging into the helm from the same subnet that it was on and to work around this I had to set up a vlan with a different address for my helm. Its been almost a year since I configured my helm so it might have been fixed as I reported the bug to helm support. If this is still the case you will need a more advanced firewall/router at home. I am using pfsense together with a ubiquity access point and smart switch so it was pretty easy setting this up. A more normal home router might lack the capability to do this.

I can confirm that this works and is indeed faster but the process will be different for each type of router.

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Thanks, I’ve managed to get it working.