Frequent High Temperature Warnings

I’m getting frequent high temperature warnings on my Helm.

Anyone else having this issue?

I have a 1 TB unit that arrived about a week and a half ago. So it’s brand new.

I have the exact same issue. Every night around midnight I get the high temperature alert notification for the last 3 nights which coincides when I received the server and set it up and started uploading all my old emails into it.

The response I got from support:

We are still working on our temperature calibration algorithm for our new version and suspect that the calibration on your device is a bit off. Unless the metal heat sink feels extremely hot (so hot that you feel like you can’t hold it) we don’t believe that it is a problem. Do you have any way to measure the temperature of the heat sink? If so, could you provide us the temperature it reads?

I asked if an IR pen thermometer would do, and they said:

Yes, an IR thermometer would be good. Just point it at the very bottom of the Helm near the label that shows the serial number.

I am tracking temperature, date, time and differential… E.g. the time difference between me noticing the notification and when I actually take the temperature.

What temperatures do your notifications say? Mine show around 60C/140F.

Mine has been clocking 138-147.

Mine has hit 73C/163F. I put a 120mm fan on top of it to keep it cool.
Was told this was rare…

I also had no led light on the power switch.

@Bpectel Based on the fact that they asked me to point the IR thermometer at the heat sink on the bottom, you’re probably better off putting the fan there.

Thoughts from @dsigurds or @helm_community

May give that a try…

The SoC will automatically shutdown if it approaches temperatures outside of its operating range. We are actively looking into this. The good news is that this is largely a calibration issue and not actual overheating. In a couple of cases there have been high actual high heatsink temps. This can occur from time to time but the heat will dissipate. We understand the warnings are a nuisance though and will work on getting this resolved.

Mine goes off line about once a day or once every other day.

I took an old computer fan and purchased a USB to Fan and used a USB-C to USB2 adapter I had for my phone and mine dropped down from 155F to 107F.

Learn more:

@helm_community - As @Tim.D has done, I am considering adding a fan under the helm… But I don’t want it running all the time. I want to use a thermal trigger like this one…

What is the standard operating temperature for the Helm? That trigger’s highest trigger point is 96 degrees F. I figure the Helm was expected to run slightly warmer than that?


I installed my new Helm V2 last Monday. After adding a user and deleting it, the helm stayed on deleting for a couple days (known bug). I received a notice that the temp was 140. So I raised it off the shelf and put a fan on it. It got down to 97-104 for a couple days. I decided to factory reset it. Temps stay around 76. I decided to add a user and deleted it again and temps rose back up. Stayed deleting for a couple hours. I restored to factory and set it up again. Temps remain around 76 for three days now. Room is air conditioned and stays around 74.