For anyone having power-up issues with their v2

Mine appeared to be DOA.

Here’s the reply Giri gave me to try…I’m assuming it’s only for those with similar problems following the regular setup instructions.

Hi there -

We’re sorry to hear that your Helm is having issues upon arrival. Every order was tested and validated at our distribution center in the US prior to fulfillment.

Can you please do the following steps:

  • with the power disconnected, press and hold the power button for 25 seconds
  • connect your Helm to your router via Ethernet
  • apply the power cable to your Helm

Please let us know if you observe the link lights on the Ethernet port light up. It may take 60 seconds or more before they do. If the lights come on, please wait an additional minute or two and then open the mobile app to see that your Helm is discoverable via Bluetooth.


This resolved the issue I was having, and I am going through the setup process. (LED is dead, for whatever reason.)

I have the same problem with my new v2 Helm. This did not work for me however and I am currently waiting to hear from support. If the LED is dead will that affect any diagnostics in the future? just wondering.

My problem with non power-up is a bad power supply. Support had me use a >30w power supply I already had which allowed the helm v2 to power-up. Now I’m waiting for the replacement PS to arrive.