Feature: Usable HELM App on Android Tablets

I have two helm devices - one for me and one for a community group.

  • Problem 1 - The HELM app can only support 1 HELM device. I covered for this by using my tablet.
  • Problem 2 - the HELM app does not work well on an android tablet. It doesn’t respect orientation and so I am always typing sideways.

a) Allow for multiple HELMs within the app. I expec I am an edge case and so don’t see this happening soon, or
b) actually make an app that works on a tablet.

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Actually, I’d prefer multiple Helms on a single app. If they permit “meshing” helm units to act as secondary for other domains this would be necessary.

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Multiple devices for a single app is definitely the way to go. Having to dedicate management devices is silly.

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I have my Helm synced to my iPhone and iPad, however they both only display in vertical orientation, so it’s not just an Android thing.

It would be nice to see Helm add a tablet app - i.e. iPadOS / Android Tab app for the Helm.

Having multiple Helm’s working within one app would be beneficial too.

Has anyone made these suggestions to Helm Support or has it only been stated here in community?

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Multiple HELMs within the app would be great. I support 2 Helms. Not the most convenient at times.