Feature Request : Tasks?

I’ve got mail. I’ve got calendar. I’ve got contacts. I’ve got a 3rd party app to allow all to work with Outlook.

Now only one thing left on my quest to go private - a task list manager. NEXTCLOUD has something but the limited build used on the HELM right now doesn’t support any of the apps (and their task manager leaves much to be desired).


I use CalDAV tasks with macOS Reminders as a very basic todo list, which runs off Helm.

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What’s the URL CALDAV tasks on the helm? The tool I use to do DAV sync (caldav synchronizer) doesn’t seem to be able to discover it. Right now if I try to connect between help DAV path and outlook tasks I get a 403 (forbidden)

As an example, addressbook looks something like


I never had to set up a URL outside the host :man_shrugging:

I think what you are looking for is shown in the helm sync app. it worked for me.