Feature request: Desktop config

Started in another thread, but I wanted to break it out here:

It would be delightful if Helm could figure out a way to write a reasonably secure desktop configuration app. Typing on my phone or tablet is really tedious for a bunch of the config options and having a proper desktop UI – not a web form – would be incredibly helpful.

(I understand that some people would like a web-based config tool, but that seems scary-insecure. A nothing-too-fancy desktop UI is really all I want.)

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On M1 Mac’s, can’t you run iOS apps? If you are a Mac user, would that be a solution? I know not everyone likes Macs.

If I had an M1 Mac, that’s a possibility. However:

  1. I don’t have an M1 Mac right now. Perhaps someday soon.
  2. I’m not sure the key transfer from the USB dongle would work.

Perhaps the Helm folks could comment.

Out of curiosity I tried the helm app on my M1 Mac and it does launch. It wants me to pair with the Helm though and the way the wording is phrased it seems like it’s gonna try to set it up fresh which I obviously don’t want to do… are you able to have more than one device paired with the helm at a time?

Adding a second device is fine; it does not do a fresh setup of the Helm. I am curious to hear if this works.

OK, yeah, I see the wording/process is just EXACTLY like the initial setup so it confused me. I was expecting an option to pair with an existing Helm or something like that.

So short answer is no, doesn’t look like the app actually functions properly on an M1 Mac. At least it doesn’t on the newer M1Max devices. When you get to the step where it finds the helm and pairs with it never actually finds anything. I confirmed that the app had permission to find other devices via Bluetooth and the Helm was in pairing mode (I was able to pair with another iOS device). But the app on Mac just never sees the Helm.