Feature request - common outgoing smtp server with better reputation

I think you should give users the option of their own smtp server or a common one for outgoing mail. I assume you guys will do everything you can to get the common smtp server up to par. I am sorry to say that the secondary domain i use with helm has been changed over to ms exchange hosted service. once I completed the change over none of my email go to gmail spam.

don’t’ get me wrong, if i could use helm for it, i would, but i can’t get email to people i send to the first time because it goes to spam and PEOPLE DON’T CHECK SPAM. Calling someone to tell them to de-spam me is not realistic, especially if it is support for a company that uses gmail.

my secondary domain is actually my primary email address, it is secondary only because i owned the domain prior to getting my helm. i have already paid helm for a year so i will keep the new domain I setup and test periodically to see if the gmail spam issue has cleared, if not, i will have to cancel.

Hope you guys get this option, so i can continue to use helm after the first year.

Currently i own two helms. will probably sell one and the second if the issue does not get resolved. Support is not a help at all.

Second this. Have never been able to get my email “warmed up” and after a year still dealing with bad spam issues for recipients. It’s a non-starter that made me stop using the helm.This would be a pragmatic solution.