Feature Request: Better Spam Control

Would love to have more access to spam management. Access to a whitelist/blacklist would be fantastic.

I use a bunch of enviro sensors that are configured to send email alerts based on humidity, temp, motion, light, etc. Sometimes I can receive 0 alerts in a day, sometime dozens. Spam Assassin has decided these alerts are spam and it would be nice to whitelist them, rather than easing up on spam detection and letting more crap through.



Same concern here with IOT alerts.


This is the most important function we need to be able to block domains we are even tired of spam folders , we should add domains to blacklist and we dont ever want to see those messages again block = auto delete forever (not even in trash)


This is huge, and I’m honestly kind of shocked the Spam filtering settings are as rudimentary as they are. I had more control using an ancient copy of MacOS Server.

We need Blacklist/Whitelist control at an absolute bare minimum.

It would also be great if we there were a spam email address we could send missed spam to easily to teach it what incoming spam tends to look like.

Optionally a quarantine folder would be great too. Just send everything that fails to there and let the user mark things that aren’t spam from there.

As Helm’s selling point is taking control of your email it’s sort of mind boggling that the spam controls are limited to a single threshold number.


I too am surprised how poor the spam filtering is; am getting false positives and false negatives. Bumped it one notch more aggressive, and hopefully I’ll get less false negatives.

At a minimum, the ability to whitelist addresses/domains is needed. Being able to move a junk message to a folder (or forward to an email address) for processing would be great as well.