Feature: Cached delivery during outage?

I was a victim of one of the latest firmware updates and lost my HELM device for almost a week while they trouble-shooted and then eventually gave up a shipped a replacement. I still was not able to successfully restore from a backup nor have I been able to re-import history due to Googles new access policies.

So my feature wish - Allow for an option where HELM would cache email sent to a helm.. email domain if the device is in a catastrophic failure case. They would basically assume the destination identity and hold the emails in an encrypted form that could be replayed to the devices once they come back online.

This might violate the principle of the HELM device but as a disaster option could be useful.

I’m actually hoping for a distributed option. Would love to mesh multiple units across multiple locations.

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Yes exactly, I’m also +1 for support to be added for a secondary “disaster recovery” Helm device. Or I suppose N devices in a mesh would work, but just a 2nd backup device would probably be good enough for me. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We apologize for the extended downtime you experienced.

This feature is on our list to evaluate for our roadmap.

I can’t see myself buying a second helm, but who knows. Perhaps just a setting that allows the helm to accept mail from a secondary MX server. There are a number of providers of backup MX services for less than $20 a year- that would suffice for me.

I thought email servers will retry sending the email until the receiving server is available again… If true, should you have received your emails delayed during your down time onto the new replacement Helm server?

Retries for 24 hours, after that, marked as undeliverable. Good enough for short outages, but in the event you have a hardware failure it is not likely you will get a replacement server before failure. Also, I don’t know if I could live for 24 hours without access to my email! I store emails for future reference and often need to access archived data.