F-Droid Install

Now that I’ve successfully switched my email and file storage to my Helm I’m entertaining the idea of switching to an alternative Android OS such as LineageOS or GrapheneOS. Is it possible to get the Helm apps for Android on the F-Droid (www.f-droid.org) platform? Maybe a better question is: would those other Android operating systems work with setting up a Helm server?

I highly recommend GrapheneOS. I’ve just set up a new phone with it and am very happy with it. The Helm app is not on F-Droid but you can use the Aurora Store to install apps from the regular play store. Most of them work, unless they use Google Play Services which I can’t imagine the Helm app does.

Unfortunately I can’t actually complete the setup right now so I can’t tell for sure if everything works but I ran through the first couple steps and everything looks fine so far.

Thanks for that. I will be curious if the full setup works. I was aware of the Aurora Store but it seems to me that it would be more compatible with the Helm ideology to have an alternative place to get it. Hey Helm support, do you have any thoughts on using Helm with a de-Googled version of Android?

As for GrapheneOS, I’ve been interested in switching but I’ve got some steps to get through. I’ve a few paid weather apps that I think are critical and I’m currently on Google Fi. I am also waiting for Helm to offer increased storage or the new version of the server before I can fully switch everything over.

I agree with nguertin with respect to GraphenOS. I am using it on a Pixel 3a. To maximize security, app installs have been and will be minimal. /e/OS available from the /e/Foundation has a store as well. The Helm and Helm Sync apps are available in this store. I am running /e/OS on an Essential Phone with both installed and fully functional. It is less secure OS however ,as the device’s bootloader must remained unlocked. DAVx5 which is available in the F-Droid Store has the same functionality as Helm Sync. In fact Helm Sync might be a reskinned DAVx5 app. I use DAVx5 to sync calendars and contacts on a Moto G7 running LineageOS. Email may be synced via a standard email client. I run the Helm app to administer my Helm server on an iPhone 11. I use different phones for specific purposes. I am however, trying to migrate away from “big tech” as much as possible. Hence my use of a Helm server.

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