Expandable storage

Congratulations to those working on the product and getting the V2 out. From what I read it was a long road and there may be plenty of road left to traverse. I have a direct question and then an ask for advice. Any references to recent threads or new info welcome.

  1. As far as a roadmap, is there an estimated timeframe on expandable storage?
  2. Let’s say the answer to 1 above were 12+ months or no generic timeframe can be given, are there any strategies to supplement next cloud storage needs in excess of 2.5 TB as a stopgap?

Chances are I will have plenty of space considering just email that I want to move over, but for the Google drive data which is most of that 2.5 TB, should I just have a NAS separate instead? I suspect the primary scope of the product is email. So, for question 2, has anyone been in a similar situation? What’d you do?


Also waiting for expandable storage. Currently have a v1 with about 65GB, GDrive with 2TB, and an internal only NAS with 4TB. I would really like to move the 2TB to expandable storage on my v1, and have put off purchasing a second NAS for external use because of the promises that the v1 would get external storage. At this point, the $$$ spent on my GDrive storage waiting for expandable storage would have paid for a new NAS.


If I’m not mistaken The Helm box runs an always outdated Nextcloud version. In addition it doesn’t have ssh access and you can’t install many of the NC apps that make it so appealing.

For this reason, if you are looking to use this box as a NAS replacement for file syncing etc, I think you are better off with a separate more powerful dedicated NAS where you can run your preferred version of NC.

For instance, I have a separate Synology NAS that I can hotswap and expand the storage.

I think the Helm is and should be its own box handling just emails. Up to you. Just my 2 cents.


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Thank you @DonDowner. A separate NAS will be what I count on for storage.

I have a separate NAS box. I’m not looking for Helm to replace it. I’m looking for it to replace my cloud based storage. Like it was advertised and to include the features that were promised years ago.

I’ve had my Helm for 2.5 years and was promised the moon and the stars, nextCloud with extra storage, VPN etc. I haven’t seen any advancement for about 2 years so hope that the company doesn’t go dark and that one day soon my email just stops working. It’s difficult to have any confidence anymore and I mostly have stopped checking in.

I do wish Helm the best beyond my needs and I am very stubborn about my privacy… Helm is novel but I assume that most people are afraid of hosting their own email and we are a very small niche in spite of the fact that the email on Helm works really well…