Emails getting bounced with delayed mail message

Every email i have sent in past week is getting a Delayed Mail (still being retried) message. This just started happening, i’ve not trouble with this prior to 1/28. I have sent to different recipients with different email domains. In the body of the bounce reply i am seeing “Connection timed out” when trying to reach the recipients email server. I can receive emails, just can’t send them.

Has anyone else experienced this and have a solution?

If this is happening to services like google, I’d reboot the device, and if that doesn’t fix it, reach out to support.

I have been working with support for over a week. The solution was they had to update the build on My Helm and that fixed it. if anyone has a similar problem, reach out right away.

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I also experienced this problem for a few days, but it seemed to resolve itself (I’m not sure if an updated happened or not).