Email tracker removal

At first glance, I like the idea of email trackers being removed automatically as my emails arrive, which is a feature being offered by DuckDuckGo, but I do not like that their solution requires the use of an additional email address.

Is email tracker removal a current or planned feature for the Helm?

I would not want the feature if it has the side effect of adding any new privacy or security vulnerability to the Helm. Currently, I just rely on Thunderbird, when I open an email, to block remote content and to ask which remote content links I want to allow.

On Android, “FairEmail” offers similar tracking-tag removal when clicking links in your email messages. If you download it from a FOSS repository (F-Droid, etc) the advanced/paid features are included for free.

I suspect anything that can remove/replace tracking links before they get to your email client would need a level of access to your email that most Helm customers would be uncomfortable with. (Plus there are times where tracking links are essential - “click this link to prove it’s you who set up this new account”, etc.)