Email Security in individual email accounts

I want to share my server with family members, but it seems that first they need to be close to the server for the app access and then I would ultimately have control over their user name password and by default access to their emails. This server needs to be able to assign a user id password combination for email access one time and re settable by the email owner. It should not be known by the admin user nor should the admin user be able to read the emails ever. Once the email name is created access and the ability to reset the password should be controlled by the email owner, not the admin.


Another feature request a year+ old.

Apparently they don’t have the resources to develop a new hardware base and still develop software updates for those of us who have already purchased.

Ok well it takes time to change software and it is up to us to make sure that they know we need this or when there is an alternative we will leave. I wanted this for my family not just me. So it is less valuable now

Completely agree and am glad you posted.

Unfortunately the stagnation of v.1 and lack of any communication from Helm (without being pressured into status updates by this community) reminds me of dozens of other tech startups that failed after a year or two. Hoping that’s not the case here, but guess we’ll see.

They haven’t sold any hardware for what, a year? Only money coming in during that time is subscription renewals? Starting to get angry at the unfulfilled promises and what feels like a lack of urgency and a lack of customer outreach. Just feels like a company stringing along, waiting for the end.

I was an early promoter and talked about this idea to friends - both my tech savvy and those not so much. Now I am more likely to suggest a NAS system with a built in email engine. I will keep my devices as long as they last but will not be promoting it until I see sustained signs of life and follow through on even the earliest promises.


In reply to TomRBurke, As I understand it the password the client uses is for the device so only their device can access the email. I haven’t tried to connect from another device using another device’s password but i don’t think it would work. How are you able to read email as admin?

I was working on using shared contacts from the server with limited success. As of now my use of the helm is on hold as i am too busy with other projects. I just renewed for another year myself. Personaly i would like to see less marketing and more details about the tech.

Have you a recommendation? Very curious about this approach. (thanks!)

I am mostly a synology shop. There higher end NAS come with access to a wide set of tools like email servers and can also support most dockerized apps. This approach is a bit more complicated as HELM ends up dealing with all the dynamic DNS issues for you.

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I am far from an expert on this, but when I want to add an email account. I create the user with name user name and default email. I need to create a password which I can change. So even assuming that the other user could set the password, anytime I want I can reset the password and then read the emails that are not deleted. Yes the user would find out but the breach is already done.
I would like that on the first use, the user would provide some information that would let them reset the password and that I could not reset the password ever. Only the assigned user could rest the password. If they lost the information needed to reset well then they lose the emails. Things like a question and answer combo with say 3 or 4 possible questions. Get 2 right you are identified.

This would seem low priority if I were in their shoes.
It’s not an enterprise product, it’s a personal server.
Would be nice to have, sure, but not too sad at the lack of this feature.
I mean, I just don’t see myself being admin of this and then signing my wife and kids up just so I can reset their passwords and snoop on them. If you’re talking about registering friends/acquaintances… couldn’t they just buy their own? Oh wait, they can’t…

I get your saying that you have no desire to snoop on your family but the fact that you can makes it like you said a personal server not a family server. It is bad enough that your network provider is reading every email and likely the government. I also know that changing it to be individually secure would not be that hard and more people would use it

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