Email import completed but not complete

I started the import of email (office 365) via the helm app for an email account I created on helm. I have email going back to 2016 on that office 365 account. It appears that helm pulled the email from 2016-July 2020 however it hasn’t pulled anything since then (with the exception of net new email from Saturday when I switched).

The help app shows

“Last Attempt” of “Aug 22, 2021 5:53PM” as “Success”
“Last Success” of “Aug 22, 2021 5:53PM” and

I have the option to “Queue Import” but don’t want to do that as I don’t want to mistakenly re-download to Helm (and redownload to my devices) duplicate emails from the time frame that was sucesfull.


All my devices show the same date range of emails, stopping at 7/2020 so I know it isn’t a matter of a device not having finished syncing with helm.

Re-importing email will not result in duplicates. It will pick up from where the last import left off.

We have seem services like Google implement daily quotas unfortunately. Another way to import your email is to use a desktop client to generate an export from your Office365 account and then import it into your Helm account. We are likely going to default to this recommendation as it avoids this throttling that services do to deter people from exporting their data.

Please contact support so we can help you get this resolved - thanks!