Email deliverability

I presume the difference between our devices is I use custom domains. I don’t use Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. Sorry I can’t be much help.

I too use a personal domain. I’m only testing sending “to” gmail.

Oh! Have you received any complete failure to deliver? I have received both junk folder issues and failures. In the failure there will be instructions to remedy the situation in the denial email. That was easy enough. The junk folder was annoying. I had 6 people helping me. I’d send an email, it’d end up in all recipients junk folders. I would have them move the unread emails from junk to inbox, then open and reply. This took about a week to finally stop landing in junk. I had success on some within 2 days, but no consistency, until I did, hence the week long process.

Yep, I’ve had both, but the failure to delivers were cleared very quickly.

I went through the same process you did with receiver’s junk folders. I thought it was cleared, but apparently it was only cleared for the users I was working with.

Try creating a brand new gmail account and sending it an email. That’s what I did yesterday and was disappointed to find out that the “warm up” process was only for the users I was working with. I’m guessing any gmail account I send to will dump me into spam until the user marks it not spam.

Have you reached out to Helm Support? They were also involved in helping me. It was their instructions, I followed. Maybe reach out to them via Helm app and see if they have anymore suggestions, aside from what we’ve discussed here. I created 2 gmail accounts and they went thru fine. Have you sent from gmail first?

I thought it was resolved 8 months ago. Back then, support just sent me links to the “warm up” process. I did send from that test account (and receive) while trying to test gmail restricted SMTP relay for other purposes.

I’ve used my account to converse with dozens of private and gsuite accounts over the last 6 months. Guess I’ll just have to remember that any new gmail associates will have to be warned.

It’s been 8 months since you discussed this with Support, so it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to support - considering there’s been 2 firmware updates since then. They might have new info. I wish you well. Happy Holidays!

@MZY if you’re up for it, would you mind seeing if your Helm’s public IP is on the blocklist maintained at If your IP isn’t on the list, that might be some helpful evidence of why @KGMe and I both have issues with getting marked as Spam by Gmail.

@KGMe I have reached out to support about the issue with postmaster@ not being received, even when it was been added as an alias. They are aware of the issue, but do not have an ETA on a fix. I do receive the postmaster emails just fine on secondary domains. And I actually did once receive an email to postmaster on my primary domain, but it seems like a firmware update must have broken it.

I checked my public ip through the link you requested. It shows it’s valid. I also checked and I’m good there too. That’s interesting.

I received my domain thru Helm. I didn’t already have my own. Did you and @KGMe bring your own domain to Helm or get thru them? I’m just trying to determine if there’s any other differences.

In Helm app (search topics)

“Under the Roof - Email Deliverability IP / Domain Reputation”

Last paragraph***
“We ensure that the static IPs assigned to gateways are not on any known blocklists to ensure IPs establish a good reputation.”

Is Helm referring to Public IP? If so, maybe bring this point to their attention.

I’m not as tech savvy as some, I wish, I could be more help.

@ua38yga7rzbl1 awesome, thanks!

@MZY looks like my IP is blocked at proofpoint too. Submitted a request to have it removed. Hopefully it goes through soon.

@MZY thanks for showing those results from SPFBL, it seems like your IP is clean and so that may well be why you are having better results with avoiding the spam folder.

@KGMe I had to also remove my IP from Proofpoint, but I did that awhile back and it seems like this SPFBL is still a thorn in my side. I wish Helm had checked it before assigning me the IP… :slightly_frowning_face:

For now all I can do is hope that they allow delivery to postmaster on the primary domain soon.

Happy to help.

I was reading your earlier post (2 days ago) about postmaster@ alias. I have mine setup on primary account as alias. No it doesn’t go to Helm Company. Yes, it comes to my Helm server. I share server with my kids. Call it parental control. In theory, creating a new domain could be a workaround catch-all. It’s inconvenient and cost more $. Wanted to make sure I replied, because I missed that part of your post.

@MZY At this point I’ll wait until Helm figures it out. I know there are issues with aliases and the catch-all feature right now, they may be related.

Proofpoint is one of many places to check to see if your IP is blacklisted. I would recommend you look at MX toolbox ( They will query the larger services and give you a pass/fail for your configuration as well. Good luck!

@smbhelios yes I’ve looked at MX toolbox before, however it seems like they don’t interpret the results of SPFBL properly. If I lookup my IP with the MX toolbox blacklist checking service, it comes back clean (including SPFBL). However when I query SPFBL directly I get a 127.0.04 response meaning my IP is listed with them because they suspect there is no MTA operating at that address.

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@KGMe I have some good news, it turns out there is an alternate webpage where you can request a link to delist your IP with SPFBL here:

Put in your Helm IP address, and you can request a delisting key (actually a link) get sent to abuse@<your.domain>. As long as you set up the abuse@ alias on your Helm ahead of time, everything should work. You’ll get an email with a link to confirm you can receive mail at that address, and within 7 days or so SPFBL will delist your IP. At this point I’ve confirmed that my IP is “clean” with SPFBL.

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Awesome, thanks @ua38yga7rzbl1

Unfortunately I jumped on the site and queried before reading all of your message. I didn’t add the abuse alias until after the query. Now that it’s added, it doesn’t see it. Might be cached, but I’ll keep trying for a few days and see what happens.


After waiting a few hours, the abuse alias showed up. Thanks again for finding this! Helm should probably update their “warn-up” support page with the info in this thread. Super glad they finally put up a forum.

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I found the resources here helpful:

I have used this source on a previous platform, but completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. I tested my Helm email address and server IP and received 10/10. Not blacklisted either.

Great resource for a cold server. I have already taken the time to warm up my server, so I knew my results would pass. For people just starting out - this source, proof point and SPFBL are all great to warm up new servers.

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