Document Editor for NextCloud

I tried the old LibreOffice app a while back and was not able to connect to the NextCloud instance. With the new Collabora Office beta app I cann connect to my instance and navigate through directories, but it does not see any files. It also crashes when trying to create documents. I’ve also noticed it is very slow, which I’m assuming is the Helm since the web interface is pretty slow too. There is a bug already reported, but appears to be unassigned so I figured I’d ask here to rule out the Helm side of it. The app crashes for me on Android 10 and Chrome OS 79.

Just wondering if anyone has gotten this working, or can recommend a similar document editor (free, open format support) that works well with the Helm.

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I haven’t been able to get this working either.

Hopefully, this app, I posted below gets a release date.

This “Text” doc editing app featured in NextCloud looks interesting. Here is the source below.

Would love to have the ability to add apps to NextCloud. Unfortunately I don’t think the current gen1 hardware can support much more. The file access is already pretty slow via the web interfacce. The app is much faster, thankfully. Would be nice if the app featured a top display, or at least some utilization numbers and histoiric charts.

For now I found a workaround. Can upload documents using the NextCloud app and then they’re available to edit in the Collabora app. Just can’t create or upload with the app.

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I knew the Gen 1 didn’t have much room to work with, but it sounds like it’s pretty close to full. It would be nice to be able add additional memory, ram or rig it by partitioning a portion of the SSD as a workaround, if that feature ever becomes available.

Hopefully, we get some news on some of these features Helm has told us we would be getting. It seems like we’re in a holding pattern.

Glad you were able to MacGyver it.

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Yeah, would very much like to know how the releases are handled. The latest update I got was a significant performance increase for file sharing, and wish I had received it in January as well.

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I noticed the same thing. Helm really has a great product. I am excited to get the storage expansion. Something tells me the fw is right around the corner. I wish they offered a beta-tester option, so we could help them get these features out faster. Then again, I am totally committed to this server, so the beta fw would have to be pretty close, so our servers are virtually unaffected.

Today’s update to the Collabora Office app for Android has resolved the problem. New app file access seems to be using local system methods rather than an internal app solution. Kind of annoying to not have tree view, but it works and is fast.