DNS record specifics

I’m trying to setup my helmv2 with an existing domain (parked). I’m hosted on route53 as well. I’ve updates the NS records to reflect those specified in the app but after 30 min still stuck (app doesn’t recognize the changes). Is there another record type i need to set to get this working? Do i also need to change the SOA record? If so, what are the values?

Hi there -

The app isn’t stuck per se - we wait until we detect the changes have propagated. DNS records can take some time to propagate unfortunately. There is nothing to change besides the nameserver records.


Mine took 3 days to finish the migration. I switched it over Friday night and Monday morning it was done. All together I switch over 7 domains some happened quickly others took forever.

I used the nslookup command to check public DNS server so see how it was progressing. It doesn’t help, but it gave me peace of mind knowing something was happening.