Ditching Google Voice

I’ve been a Google user since the early 2000’s . However, after switchin to the Helm, i am unable to ditch Google, because Google offers VoIP. Does anyone know of a reputable VoIP service other than Google Voice? I understand that Nextcloud Talk provides the ability to talk with other Nextcloud Enterprise clients, however, i dont recall seeing service agreements for personnel use. If the Helm was able to provide VoIP service it would be definitely a huge game changer.

I recently ditched Google Voice after 14 years. I ported my GV number to a cell service called hellomobile. They have a $5/mo plan for unlimited talk/text/500MB data. The service has been great so far, except they do not offer eSIM or Visual Voicemail yet.
I also looked into inexpensive VOIP providers and discovered voip.ms. They have a $4.25/mo plan that covers unlimited incoming calls and $.01 minute outgoing calls. I haven’t used this service so I don’t know how conveniently they handle SMS messages. I think there may be an app for it or something.

The Helm would not be able to provide VOIP service using local telephone numbers. You can’t self host telephone numbers (AFAIK).

You can run your own pbx (freeswitch, freepbx, etc). You need somebody to provide you with dids. You would need to leave a collection of ports open to the world (your isp may not pass these through) or VPN if you want to run your voip client from your phone anywhere. This isn’t needed if you only do voip from home.

Helm doesn’t provide any of this, and pbx systems aren’t known for being trivial to setup.