Distribution Groups/Lists

I have been using this now for about 6 months. Something I have struggled with before I feel I can fully move over to a private solution is the ability to create and maintain distribution groups. Once this option is available, I feel I can keep the subscription going. Unfortunately, without this option I may need to stay with these other less private solutions.

to explain a bit further we can say I have ten mailboxes one@helmdomain.com through ten@helmdonain.com. I would like to setup groupone@helmdomain.com to go to the one and two address, and grouptwo@helmdomain.com to go to the nine and ten address. I may even want to have everyone@helmdomain.com to go to all the addresses in my domain.

I am an email administrator by trade, I could easily setup my own servers/service at home. I am trying to determine a best recommendation for my siblings and their email/privacy needs at home in their families. Basically, I want to host a private email domain for my family and give them an option to create their own (but I don’t want to have to do it for them). helm is an Excellent product, and I could see them using these. However, Distribution Groups will be a large part of this because some of them have much larger families (kids and grandkids) of their own.

Any Ideas on this are welcome.