Deliverability Improvement Beta Program

Every Helm customer has a unique IP address associated with the security gateway that routes email traffic to and from their Helm. These IP addresses are provided by AWS who take efforts to ensure these IP addresses have a good reputation. We also scan publicly available block lists to ensure that IP addresses assigned to our customers are not known to be bad. In addition, to aid deliverability with these IP addresses, we recommend a specific warm up process, which is intended to establish a good reputation for a Helm’s IP address. We have also developed relationships with large service providers and email security providers to overcome deliverability issues. We are only able to take these measures when customers report problems, however we believe other customers experience these problems without reporting them to us.

To provide a better initial and ongoing experience, we have procured a block of clean IP addresses that we are able to use with AWS. We will launch a beta program in a few weeks to help customers with deliverability issues be assigned one of these IP addresses. In order to prevent misuse or abuse of these IP addresses, there will be some throttling and daily limitations on the volume of outbound email a Helm server can send.

Criteria To Participate
1.) Helm Customer
2.) Helm is used only for personal email
3.) Willing to share broad usage data (# of emails/day, typical # of recipients per email, frequently emailed domains)
4.) Willing to share which services have had trouble delivering Helm email to the inbox
5.) Willing to comply with warm up process for new IP address
6.) Willing to provide feedback on changes, improvements, issues with IP change and participation in program

How to Participate
1.) Submit questionnaire to be considered for the beta program to
2.) If you are selected, we will contact you to confirm details of the issues you are experiencing and offer some times to make the IP switch

If selected, you can expect to follow these onboarding steps in order to get a new IP address:
1.) Coordinate a time to minimize downtime
2.) We make back-end changes
3.) Reboot Helm
4.) Uninstall Helm app
5.) Re-install Helm app
6.) Bluetooth pair, re-authenticate with Helm
7.) Confirm Helm is running beta Mail service

1.) Helm Serial #
2.) How are you using your Helm today?
3.) With what domains are you experiencing deliverability problems?
4.) Estimated maximum outbound emails per day?