Deleted folders don't empty from trash

I searched the forum but didn’t see an item for my question. Helm V2 using Windows 10 machine and MS Outlook for accessing email. If I have a folder that I created in any of my inboxes, if I later delete the folder it does not empty from the trash folder but continues to stay in the folder. I have tried ensuring I delete all emails from the folder first. I’ve opened the trash and deleted the folders one by one. I’ve tried emptying the trash with all the folders in it. None of this works as the trash will show no contents but minutes later the folders will magically show up in the trash folder again. Seems to work this way across emails, users, and domains. Any advice is appreciated. TIA

This might not be related, but I had an issue with Spark Mail on my Android phone where I could receive email, but for some reason, moving the email, archiving it, deleting it, and even marking as read would not propagate back to the server. It was behaving like a one-way (read only) client. I deleted my account in the mail client and added it right back and no issues since. Perhaps it’s a similar issue? Worth a shot. PS. I use eM Client as my Windows IMAP client (awesome btw) and it creates/deletes folders as expected. A deleted folder gets moved to the trash, then deleting from trash deletes it permanently from the server.