Delayed Send/ Send Later

Does anyone have a magical workaround to be able to do a “delayed send/ send later” on Helm?

You might need a third party utility if using a Mac, then is a good option.

IMO downloading and installing a 3rd party app that keeps a copy of all your emails in their server defeats the whole purpose of owning the Helm from the privacy perspective.
I’ve used the Send Later add-in/extension for Thunderbird and it works great.

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I use eM Client on my PC. It’s by far the best email client I’ve used. It supports send later. On iOS and Android, I believe Spark Mail supports send later. That’s my favorite mail portable client.


Isn’t Spark a middleware solution? Seems kind of antithetical to the purpose of Helm to run your email through a third party.

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Spark premium adds all that crap and ties into their cloud. The free version is just an imap email client.

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Agree 100% on EmClient it works great. On Android, Try Auquamail Pro. It has send later.