Connecting to the helm locally

I’m trrying to setup a Sieve script to stop some email from getting through. The Helm works, but I can’t ping it at the address and it won’t connect using the Sieve client (I forget the exact name). Is there anything special you have to do? I asked support and they asked about my network, but that was 15 days ago and I haven’t gotten a response. In case it makes a difference I use the Eero system for my router and wifi. It’s setup in the range. Any help would be appreciated.

You have to use a 3rd party tool to add/remove sieve scripts. I’ve used sieve-connect in the past.
If you can’t connect to the local ip of the helm, you want be able to move forward, so I suggest you resolve that first.

How do I resolve that? I can’t connect a keyboard or anything to the Helm. I can just plug it in and that’s about it that I know of. I’m able to connect to it via the app and it gets email like it is supposed to.

You will have to figure out what the local ip address is and then connect to that. I don’t know anything about your network equipment, but presumably what ever is giving out the dhcp leases will have a record of who they’re going to and you can figure it out.

I know the local ip. My eero shows me all the devices and their IP. It also matches what shows in the Helm app itself. It just doesn’t respond to a ping (it timed out) and it won’t connect on the sieve port. I filed a ticket but 23 days have gone by with no answer.

There is a bug in the helm operating system. I have no idea on how to fix it when using an eero. I am using a pfsense based firewall and a managed ubiquity switch and using this setup I was able to fix the problem by creating a new subnet on my lan on a different vlan. My LAN has IP addresses in the 192.168.123.X/24 networt but the vlan I have placed my helm has a IP address on the 192.168.129.X/24 subnet. This allows me to connect to the helm without going through the internet.

I did report this bug to helm but I have not checked if they resolved the issue in the new beta versions of the firmware that is attempting to fix another problem I reported where the helm stops responding to traffic altogether once a month. There is another thread here for that one.